Data Protection Compliance in COVID-19 Times.

While it’s presently commendable that the government is collecting citizen’s data, a lot of important questions can not be left unanswered; how much data is being collected? What will happen to these data after the virus has been defeated? Will measures put in place now by countries?

The AI industry in Africa: The booming startups and indigenous AI promotion Organisation.

Africa as the hub for most of the world’s natural resources has played host to crude oil, gold, diamond, ivory, arts, and ancient crafts. While the AI industry in Africa is still in its nascent state, times are changing and the tide is turning. With more time, more funding, more research, and more passionate learners, Africa will attain an enviable state of technological advancement soon enough.

Will the Huawei Harmony OS survive where others failed?

The Biblical Ark saved Noah, but is is uncertain if Ark/now Harmony OS will save Huawei Why did Huawei create Harmony OS? On Friday the 10th of August, Huawei announced its Harmony OS as a fallback option in the event they lose access to the Android ecosystem. Before this, the company had announced the creation […]

Why Airbnb is unpopular in Nigeria

In highbrow parts of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other major cities, there are thousands of houses that are unoccupied, despite the fact that Nigerian government badly needs to house close to half of its population. These houses are usually exorbitantly priced, beyond the reach of many. Some may say that these houses are built […]