Data Protection Compliance in COVID-19 Times.

While it’s presently commendable that the government is collecting citizen’s data, a lot of important questions can not be left unanswered; how much data is being collected? What will happen to these data after the virus has been defeated? Will measures put in place now by countries?

Eva Super Max LegalTech Research Tool

The essence of legal research cannot be over-emphasized in the legal profession. There are plentiful of legaltech tools around that assist in legal research. Eva Super MAX is one of those legaltech research tools. Here’s everything you need to know about the tool.

The AI industry in Africa: The booming startups and indigenous AI promotion Organisation.

Africa as the hub for most of the world’s natural resources has played host to crude oil, gold, diamond, ivory, arts, and ancient crafts. While the AI industry in Africa is still in its nascent state, times are changing and the tide is turning. With more time, more funding, more research, and more passionate learners, Africa will attain an enviable state of technological advancement soon enough.

How Artificial Intelligence could Decongest Nigerian Prisons

THE STATE OF NIGERIAN PRISONS Anyone familiar with statistics about Nigerian prisons knows that most of them are over-congested, carrying more than twice their actual capacity. For those unfamiliar, here are some stats: The above list covers the total number of prisons, their capacity, and the actual number of prisoners as of 2017 in Nigeria. […]

AI in Warfare: Fiction or Impending Reality?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? There are many definitions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but none of them effectively captures what AI is capable of. As such, I will not be defining AI, rather, I will be reporting the goal of AI as encapsulated at the 1956 Dartmouth Summer Project on Artificial Intelligence, where the science […]

AI is the Future: Why we think so

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for more than most people actually realize. The term “artificial intelligence” can be traced back to 1956. It belongs to John McCarthy, a Stanford researcher who coined the term and defined the key mission of AI as a sub-field of computer science. DEFINITION OF AI In simpler terms, Artificial […]