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It would be a big lie if we said we had it all figured out from the beginning, and even now, we’re still figuring things out. We started with the simple goal to help others, especially those in the legal profession, better understand digital technology, and we experimented (and are still experimenting) with different ways to achieve this.

Along the line, we discovered that most lawyers and law students really want to learn about the diverse aspects of digital technology, but lack a precise go-to platform for such learning. DigiLaw is now focused on filling this gap gradually. Through our online classes and courses, we seek to bridge the knowledge gap between digital technology and law, so that Africa’s next generation of lawyers will be fully equipped to provide solutions to the challenges that tech disruptions will pose and exploit the opportunities available.

The Digilaw Approach

The challenges and opportunities that digital technology will pose as we go deeper into the 21st century will be nothing like what we know now. As such, the level of thinking that has been sufficient for today’s legal challenges will be inadequate for the challenges of the future. That is why we place a high premium in out of the box, revolutionary thinking in all that we do.

In developing online classes and courses, Digilaw ensures that the entire process, from beginning to end is learner-focused. In brick and mortar schools and many other digital platforms for learning, learning is usually teacher-focused, neglecting the possibility that the student may not be interested in everything that the teacher has to offer or would prefer to learn something else.

To avoid this, we ensure that we engage our prospective learners. We conduct online polls, regularly to know what aspects of digital technology our audience would like to learn. We then use this information to develop our courses, classes, and get qualified persons to facilitate them.

Even when a topic is chosen, there is the possibility that the contents of the do not adequately cover what the student seeks to learn. In keeping our promise to be learner-focused, we never develop a learning program without asking how audience what exactly they would like to learn about a particular topic. The feedback from this is used in developing the content of the course so that it perfectly matches the interests of the aspirations of our learners.

What We Offer

The benefits of this approach are multi-faceted; the learner gains control of what he learns. The courses are constantly relevant and in touch with the market realities, because they are developed in light of the needs of the beneficiaries.

We are the only learning company to fully develop a system of learning that puts the students interests and needs at the core of our business model.  To learn more about DigiLaw, click here.

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