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DGL Africa (DigiLaw) is a legal services company with a goal to bridge the knowledge gap between digital technology and the law. We believe that tech disruptions like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Fintech, should not be unfamiliar terrain for lawyers in Africa, especially as these technologies become more widespread, and the services of lawyers are needed to interpret and provide insight to the challenges that they pose. Our services are thus directed towards equipping lawyers and law students with the unfair advantage that digital intelligence brings.

Although DigiLaw operates in the Nigerian legal industry, our client base also includes tech entrepreneurs and people involved in professional services who are interested in learning about digital technology, and how it affects their business and career.

Since our re-launch in 2018, we have progressively provided learning services to lawyers, law students, tech entrepreneurs, and other professionals, in not just Nigeria, but also Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Ireland, and even faraway China.

Our clients generally report that after participating in our online classes, they are ‘enlightened, educated, and motivated’. To read more client testimonials, follow this link.


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We are a team united in our mission to use research to expand the boundaries of knowledge about digital technology in Africa, while making it available to lawyers, law students, and tech enthusiasts, in easy to understand and actionable format. We do this by organizing online classes on diverse tech topics and also develop online courses for indigenous MOOC platforms. Our team is made up of Content Writers who ensure that our blog is up to date on the latest digital technology trends as they relate to the law, Research Associates who work assiduously to develop and update courses for our audience, and several others on the management team who work behind the scenes to keep the company going. For more about our team, click here.

Beyond just bridging the knowledge gap between digital technology and the law, DigiLaw aims to ultimately lay the foundation for the new field of practice known as Digital Law for the African continent, and become the leading provider of information and educational services on this field to lawyers, law students, and tech enthusiasts.

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